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Fevzipasa neighbourhood

442 street / No: 140 / 1st floor, flat number 5

Turkey / Izmir / Konak

Gülüşünüzü İyileştirin: Şeffaf Plak Tedavisi Seçenekleri




09:00 - 19:00



SmileAligner, With 20 years of business experience and a dynamic, skilled team, we operate within the Izmir Orthodontic Laboratory.


We are dedicated to using our expertise in clear tray treatment to straighten your teeth and help you achieve an aesthetic smile.

Gülümsemek, dünyayı aydınlatmanın en güzel yolu.
  • What activities should be avoided during the treatment?
    During the treatment, activities such as biting on extremely hard foods or opening the teeth excessively should be avoided.
  • Why is it important to have regular check-ups after the treatment?
    Regular check-ups are important to monitor the progress of the treatment and make any necessary adjustments if needed.
  • During the treatment, how should teeth brushing and flossing be done?
    Continuing with teeth brushing and flossing during the treatment is important. When the trays are removed, make sure to clean your teeth.
  • How should teeth be maintained after the treatment?
    After the treatment, it's important to regularly visit your dentist, use a retainer, and maintain good oral hygiene.
  • Can clear tray treatment be done during pregnancy?
    Undergoing treatment during pregnancy is generally not recommended. Treatment options should be discussed with your dentist.
  • Is it necessary to use retainers after the treatment?
    Yes, using retainers after the treatment is recommended to maintain the new position of the teeth.
  • How effective is clear tray treatment?
    Clear tray treatment is an effective method to correct misaligned teeth and regain an aesthetic smile.
  • Who is a suitable candidate for clear tray treatment?
    Clear tray treatment is suitable for individuals with mild to moderate cases of teeth misalignment.
  • What should be expected after the treatment?
    After the treatment, expect to have straighter teeth and an aesthetic smile.
  • How do the trays affect daily life?
    The trays have minimal impact on daily activities. Speech and eating habits quickly adapt to the trays.
  • How long should the trays be worn?
    The trays should be worn for 20-22 hours per day. They should only be removed for eating or performing dental hygiene tasks.
  • How many trays are used?
    The number of trays used during the treatment process varies depending on the complexity of the treatment.
  • How does clear tray treatment work?
    Clear tray treatment is based on the principle of gently moving teeth using specially designed clear trays.
  • How are clear trays produced?
    Clear trays are custom-produced using 3D printers to match the patient's dental structure.
  • Can teeth revert to their previous state after the treatment?
    If retainers are not used regularly, teeth can gradually revert to their previous state. Retainers should be worn for the recommended duration after the treatment.
  • How to deal with emergencies during the treatment?
    In case of an emergency, you should immediately consult your dentist. If the tray is lost or damaged, inform them about the situation.
  • Do the trays affect speech?
    Trays may require some adjustment at the beginning of the treatment, but speech habits develop quickly over a short period.
  • Is it necessary to use a fixed retainer after the treatment?
    Whether to use a fixed retainer after the treatment depends on your dentist's assessment.
  • Is there any discomfort felt during the treatment?
    Usually, a mild discomfort can be felt, but it is generally less painful compared to traditional braces.
  • What are the differences between braces and clear tray treatment?
    Clear tray treatment is more advantageous in terms of visibility and can be easily removed.
  • What is SmileAligner?
    SmileAligner is a treatment method that assists in correcting misaligned teeth through clear tray therapy.
  • What is the cost of the treatment?
    The cost of the treatment can vary depending on the patient's needs and the duration of the treatment. Generally, it is more cost-effective compared to traditional braces.
  • How are the clear trays cleaned?
    You can remove the trays and wash them with lukewarm water or use special cleaning products.
  • How long does the treatment last?
    The duration of the treatment depends on the patient's needs, but generally, it can range from 7 to 15 months.
  • What material are the trays made of?
    Trays are typically made from medical-grade thermoplastic material.
  • How to create a lifestyle compatible with the trays?
    Creating a routine lifestyle that involves regular use, cleaning, and proper maintenance of the trays is important.
  • Does smoking or consuming alcohol pose a problem during the treatment?
    Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can negatively affect the treatment outcomes.
  • How often are check-ups conducted during the treatment?
    During the treatment, regular check-ups with your dentist are conducted at specific intervals, typically every 4-6 weeks.
  • For which conditions is clear tray treatment not suitable?
    Clear tray treatment may not be suitable for severe teeth misalignments and jaw issues.
  • From what age can clear tray treatment be performed?
    Generally, it is suitable after the teenage years and once the growth and development of teeth are complete, typically after the age of 16.
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