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Gülüşünüzü Şeffaf Plak Tedavisiyle Düzeltin!

In every moment,

A shining smile


As the Smile Aligner Clear Tray Production Center,

We take pride in offering you personalized and reliable orthodontic solutions.

Operating within the Izmir Orthodontic Laboratory for 20 years, our company provides services with a dynamic and experienced team, holding a leading position in clear tray production.

Diş Düzeltme Yöntemleri ile Gülüşünüzü Güzelleştirin.

Quality Service Approach

The Smile Aligner Clear Tray Production Center aims to prioritize quality at every step, striving to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Estetik Gülüş Tedavisi İle Özgüveninizi Artırın.

Flexible and Easy Service

We adopt a flexible service approach for customer satisfaction.

Şeffaf Aparey Tedavisiyle Görünmez Düzeltme Deneyimi.

We Are Here with Our Professional and Attentive Team

At the Smile Aligner Clear Tray Production Center, there is a team of experts and experienced professionals in the field.

Düzgün Dişler İçin Uygun Tedavi Alternatifleri.

How Do I Begin the Treatment?

Before starting the SmileAligner treatment, it is essential to consult with a skilled dentist or orthodontist to ensure that your smile can be perfected.

The SmileAligner specialist who will conduct the treatment will assess whether your oral and dental health is suitable for the clear tray treatment.

Diş Teli Alternatifleri ile Konforlu Tedavi Seçenekleri.



The treatment plan and 3D analysis simulation that we create based on your dentist's guidance will be presented for their approval.


At this stage, you can take a look at our 3D simulation to gain a clear view of how your treatment will progress and to preview the anticipated results.

Diş Düzeltme Teknolojileri ile Modern Yaklaşım.

Treatment Plan


SmileAligner trays, custom-designed to enhance your smile, are produced using our advanced 3D printers.


Your dentist will apply the trays to fit your dental structure, and your treatment process will commence.


These specialized trays combine comfort and effectiveness as they gradually move your teeth to the targeted positions.



Customized Production

When you consistently use the SmileAligner trays as directed by your dentist, your treatment process will be successfully completed.


Your progress will be assessed during the scheduled check-ups with your dentist, and as you approach the end of your treatment, the visible changes in your smile become noticeable.

Şeffaf Diş Plakları İle Doğal Gülüşünüzü Koruyun

Check-up & Completion


Ortodontik Tedavi Seçenekleri İle Gülüşünüzü Şekillendirin

3D Dimensional Presentation 

In the next step, the 3D Dimensional Presentation,

Your second appointment with the dentist will take place. During this appointment,

you will have the opportunity to review the analysis we have prepared for you in a three-dimensional digital platform.

Together with your dentist, you can have a clearer view of your treatment process and better understand the treatment plan we have designed.

If you approve the proposed plan, your custom-made SmileAligner trays will be produced and delivered to you.

Collaboration References

Izmir Orthodontic Laboratory

Established to serve you with 20 years of business experience and a dynamic, skilled team.


Our laboratory

is located in Izmir and operates both in Italy and throughout Turkey.

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